Autism Superheroes

Jackie Neely


Hope For Three is honored to introduce our February Autism Superhero, Jackie Neely!

Jackie is an amazing grandmother and advocate for her grandson, Ryan. She has been Ryan’s caregiver since he was two weeks old. As Ryan developed, Jackie noticed her grandson was not meeting most of his milestones. Initially, Jackie was alarmed, but after Ryan was tested, his diagnosis brought her great relief and ease. After Ryan received his autism diagnosis, Jackie relentlessly sought and secured the help Ryan needed. As they walked together on Ryan’s autism journey, together they faced many difficulties and roadblocks, the main one being told no. Being told no so often made Jackie even stronger and determined to preserve. She became Ryan’s only advocate and his personal Superhero too! Jackie’s activism, resilience, and the love for her grandson earned her the title of Hope For Three’s February Autism All-Star!


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