Bailee Coward

Hope For Three is proud to spotlight our January Autism All-Star, Bailee Coward!    Bailee, a dynamic and effervescent 16-year-old, radiates a zest for life that is utterly captivating. With a natural inclination towards music, she deftly maneuvers through melodies on various instruments, finds joy in the rhythm of dance, and expresses her unique personality […]

Max Alexander

Meet Max Alexander, Hope For Three’s July Autism All-Star!  At two and a half years old, Max was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and with ADHD shortly after. Now, at age 10, Max attends school and is an extremely happy boy with a wonderful sense of humor.  Max likes to play with  Legos, trains, his […]

Lynn Clouser

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our July Autism Superhero, Lynn Clouser!  Lynn’s journey began when her son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified), now known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Lynn connected with another mom who provided helpful resources and information but made her feel the diagnosis was something to […]

Cynthia Jackson

Hope For Three is honored to introduce our May Autism Superhero, Cynthia Jackson! Cynthia is a mother, artist, and advocate who believes that kindness has the power to change someone’s day instantly. Cynthia’s journey started when her son Dash, age 8, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and autism. She would do ink drawing while waiting […]

Michelle Spencer

Hope For Three is thrilled to introduce our August Autism Superhero, Michelle Spencer! You may recognize her from the June Autism All-Star article about Tyler Kinser. Michelle is the mother of Tyler and has been an autism advocate since her son’s diagnosis 19 years ago. Michelle is an avid autism advocate and is integral to providing […]

Titan Henderson

Titan Henderson From everyone at Hope For Three, we would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to our August Autism All-Star, Titan Henderson! Turning three years old on August 15th, Titan has grown tremendously in the (nearly) one-and-a-half years following his autism diagnosis. Titan is currently non-verbal, working tirelessly in Speech and Occupational Therapy, […]

Zoe Ngo (Age 5)

Hope For Three is proud to announce our June Autism All-Star, Zoe Ngo! Zoe is a 5-year-old Kindergarten graduate at Lexington Creek Elementary and recently graduated from Pine Cone ABA Center! Starting ABA therapy at the age of 3, she is a perfect representation of how beneficial early intervention can be to families Don’t let […]