Giset King

Hope For Three is honored to announce our April Autism Superhero, Giset King! Giset is a bilingual teacher, and her passion for education has led her to create the non-profit Café Azul, to provide education and training to Spanish-speaking and bilingual families. Currently, Café Azul has held three conferences, more than 15 workshops, and over […]

Andy Padilla

Meet Andy Padilla, Hope For Three’s April Autism All-Star! Andy was officially diagnosed with autism at five years old, but his parents, Ino and Mayra, started noticing Andy had delayed motor skills and speech when he was five months old.   Andy has been a trooper with all the evaluations that started when he was just […]

Kim Hahn

Hope For Three is honored to announce our October Autism Superhero, Kim Hahn! Kim, married to her husband, Darrell, is a dedicated mother of two girls, Allison, a senior at Texas A & M, majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and Jillian, age 18, a freshman in college. Jillian was diagnosed with autism at age eight. The […]

Let’s Hear it for Dad!

Let’s Honor “Ausome” Dads!! We’re looking to spotlight “ausome” dads in our community. Please submit a photo (2-3 max) of a dad/male caregiver, his kids with names, ages of kiddos, and a quote from dad, or a short story.  We’ll highlight on our Facebook page on Father’s Day weekend! Please submit photos by NOON, June […]

Save Now, Spend Later

A diagnosis of autism can not only be shocking for a family’s emotions but their pocketbook too. A shock in the pocketbook can be caused by the estimated $60,000 per year* after the initial diagnosis. Why is having a child affected by autism so expensive? The increase of financial responsibility is sometimes caused by the […]

Take Me Home Program

Why Take Me Home? December 7, 2020, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office began utilizing a database to help residents who have wandered away or eloped with cognitive disabilities return home. The “Take Me Home” program has been a huge stepping-stone in parents, family members, and caregivers of those with autism sleep better at night. […]

Drew Smith

Meet 10-year-old Drew Smith, Hope For Three’s spectacular September Autism All-Star. Drew is a very friendly, happy, and affectionate young man who enjoys playing games on his iPad, watching Sid the Science Kid, and swimming in his family’s pool. Drew has mastered the iPad so well that his parents recently had to change their Amazon […]

Lester Rodriguez

Meet the adorable and tenacious Lester Rodriguez, Hope For Three’s August Autism All-Star. Five-year-old Lester is the youngest child from a small but tight-knit family who are dedicated to providing him with an abundance of unconditional love and support. He is extremely affectionate, loving, intelligent, and of course, super cute! At 2 ½ years old, […]

Shailey Hibbeler

Meet Shay Hibbeler Hope For Three’s July Autism All-Star. Shay is a beautiful, intelligent, witty, passionate, and exceptionally talented young woman with a resilient spirit. Shay was diagnosed with severe anxiety and OCD at the very young age of 3 years old. By the age of 12 her diagnoses were Severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, […]

Happy Birthday America!

Independence Day marks the birth of the United States of America, founded in 1776, making the country 244 years old come July 4th, 2020. To express our patriotism, most of us anticipate and celebrate The Fourth of July with big, loud bangs and displays of continuous, intense, and bright bursts of lights. However, for those […]

An Autism Journey Through the Eyes of Derrick Airhart, An Autism Dad

I still remember the day my wife and I sat in the screening room at Texas Children’s. They had us sit in a room with monitors and observe our son interacting with a specialist in the other room. Our hearts began to sink in those few moments as we could see that something wasn’t right. […]

Georgia Moore

Meet the beautiful and talented Miss Georgia Moore, Hope For Three’s June Autism All-Star! Georgia’s true passion is volunteering and advocating for the autism community which scratches the surface of who she is. At the age of 2 Georgia was diagnosed with PDD. Growing up it was often difficult for her family to find the […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Some people don’t believe in heroes…they haven’t met my dad though. My daddy looked at me with a smile on his face and said to me, that I’ll always be safe. I said, “Why daddy, why?” as I started to grin, coz I knew my favorite song was about to begin. And he said, “You’re […]

Shockwaves of Acceptance – Ann and Tyler Horton

Send Shockwaves of Acceptance “Why do you care? He’s too retarded to do anything about it anyway.” The freckled face that stared back at me was adorned with a smug look. The look of a winner. The look of someone who knows but does not understand. A person who realizes but refuses to accept. I […]

Richard Hawes

Meet Richard Hawes, graduating Senior at George Ranch High School, and Hope For Three’s May Autism All-Star. Richard was three years old when diagnosed on the spectrum. He has a speech impairment and doesn’t engage in conversation however he doesn’t let that stop him! He has been in speech therapy for many years and is […]

Happy “AUSOME” Mother’s Day!

We Love YOU to Pieces. Counselor. Coach. Chef. Chauffeur. Hero. Nurse. Teacher. First my mother, forever my friend. Home is where MOM is, and the love begins. We appreciate, applaud, and forever love YOU! Everyone loves a good story. We love to see a great movie. We love a good dinner, good conversation, a good […]


WE ARE IN YOUR CORNER!! COVID-19: Top 7 Support Tips for Parents Raising Children on the Autism Spectrum H.O.P.E.F.U.L. These are unique and challenging times, but we are in this together. Under typical circumstances, our lives can be chaotic and stressful. Given the uncertainty of the virus, we face new, additional challenges that require us […]

Beau Blackwood

Meet Beau Blackwood, Hope For Three’s Autism All-Star for April 2020! At just 2½ years old Beau was diagnosed on the spectrum and with childhood apraxia of speech by age 3. At age 4 Beau was diagnosed with severe autism however his severe issues with speech and language were significantly compounded by his apraxia. Now […]

New Tax Laws

New tax laws make it more important than ever to have a strong year-end giving strategy to maximize your donor dollars and save you money. Higher standard deductions mean you might not be able to itemize this year, but there are still many ways to be tax-wise. Qualified charitable distributions from your IRA. If you’re 70 […]

Halloween Tips

DIY Photos Compliments of www.healthymummy.com       Halloween is an exciting holiday for children, but it may offer certain challenges for children with autism spectrum disorders. Preparation and planning can help you stay stress-free. Whether this is your child’s first Halloween or not, here are some ideas to help you and your child enjoy […]

Reflections-My Special Needs Son’s 22nd Birthday

My son, Eric, recently turned 22 years old and as always, his birthday is a definitive celebration of life as well as a mixed bag of emotions.  Some birthdays, of course, like the milestones, affect me more than others but they are all extra meaningful. You see, Eric was born at 26 weeks, weighed 1.3 […]

We Never Gave Up

by Victoria, Fort Bend High School Student & Miss Teen America contestant I have spent my life battling dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, sensory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD, developmental vision, and multiple other known learning disorders. I believe students can overcome disabilities without having to bang their heads against a table for someone to listen. I am writing […]

Sisterly Advice

 3 Tips for Living with a Sibling with Autism High School Freshmen, Leah Sterling, has grown up with an older brother who is on the autism spectrum. Leah offers some sisterly advice and tips on living with a sibling with autism 1. Be vigilant It’s always important to be aware of how your siblings reacts […]

Social Stories and Information for an Autism Friendly Space Center Houston Trip

Space Center Houston is recognized as the first Certified Autism Space Center in the world by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). On Monday, August 6, 2018  the center opened its doors to Hope For Three families for an exciting day of learning, exploration, and fun! Hope For Three was the […]