Kevin, Kayden, and Kristopher Nguyen

Dear Hope For Three Board of Directors:

Imagine the family’s concerns when our three wonderful, loving children were diagnosed with being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and speech impairment. My wife and I were initially worried when our twin boys, Kevin and Kayden, could not say more than a few words as they approached their second birthdate. Because of this, we paid more attention to Kristopher’s needs and also went through the same programs as his twin brothers. Through the boys’ pediatrician, we enrolled the boys in Katy ISD Early Childhood Intervention Program in Katy, Texas and from that program the boys were diagnosed with ASD and speech impairment which qualified them for Katy ISD ECAP/PPCD program. Throughout our difficult journey, we reached out for additional resources from our family’s medical insurance and found out the boys qualified for Adaptive Behavior Analysis (ABA) and speech therapy sessions. Through these services, we were put in contact with Hope For Three, Fort Bend County and applied for funding to help with the ABA, speech and martial art lessons. We can share with you that all 3 boys have shown considerable improvement in speech communication, age appropriate interaction among their peers, better focus on tasks through their martial art lessons.

My family and I sincerely thank you for playing a critical role in our journey and your financial support has provided us the means in which to help our children move forward to become more independent, self-supportive and responsible individuals. We are grateful for your continuous support and would like to share our journey with you moving forward.

Respectfully yours,
Khai Nguyen and Kimchi Phan
Parents of Kevin, Kayden and Kristopher Nguyen